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Commercial and Wedding Lounge Seating Packages!/item/a1a1434a-279c-4644-86eb-7c99f9c35ce0/Burnt-Orange-Lounge-Package

Vintage Bohemian Lounge Package!/item/632921cd-448d-4014-9544-5d986fe94d05/Vintage-Bohemian-Lounge-Package


Rustic Creme Lounge Package!/item/802f433f-5ce8-4e84-a38d-ab446c79ab45/Rustic-Creme-Lounge-Package

Velvet Spring Lounge Package!/item/53687393-8178-4e23-9f6f-564bb728643c/Velvet-Spring-Lounge-Package



Vintage Teal Lounge Package!/item/daec2df4-03e6-4acf-bdb1-488f0c2e98de/Vintage-Teal-Lounge-Package

Elegant Lounge Package!/item/8664946d-aee0-4741-8168-702bccb8daa3/Elegant-Lounge-Package

Lavender Lounge Package!/item/8b5a5ddb-a42a-4202-bad4-641ddf0fded9/Lavender-Lounge-Package





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Thanksgiving Package Package Deal for November only. Holiday package only. Promo does not apply to weddings. To Reserve this package your Event Must be in November. Self pick up and self drop off only. Reservations only online.
The Package include
20 people (Standard order)
Artificial Garland on your choice
Chargers on your choice
Entree Plate and Salad Plate on your choice
Runner or Tablecloth
Water goblets
Candle holders
(Tables or Chairs are not included, Styling and delivery are not available but use our Instagram inspiration for guidance)